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The Delian Project is a Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to helping jurisdictions implement positive change in the democratic voting process through the application of technology.

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The Delian Project is a non-profit organization registered in Canada. It was created as a philanthropic entity by Senior Election Management Officials in 2012 with an emphasis on physically disabled, marginalized, and special needs voters through a corporate social responsibility mandate. The name is derived from the Delian League, the first body of democratically elected city-states in Ancient Greece. Delian maintains a seasoned Board of both Directors and Advisors.

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Enabled by local and international funding models, the Delian Project brings together various stakeholders from the electoral sector in order to support emerging democracies, with a particular focus on physically disabled and special needs voters. The use of donated election technology and expertise assists voters with special needs to independently participate in elections, while bringing consistency, transparency, and speed to the voting process. This improves the integrity of the vote count and instills public confidence, while offering independence and dignity to physically challenged voters, particularly the visually and hearing impaired. The ultimate result is a free, fair, and more inclusive election for all citizens.


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